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As leading utilities infrastructure experts, we are delighted to have been recognised by national industry awards

Utility Week Awards - Finalist 2021

Our wastewater infrastructure services

Most people are unaware of what goes on beneath their streets but maintaining the system that moves wastewater and storm waste is crucial. The teams at Network Plus are experts at maintaining the wastewater infrastructure network. We carry out a broad range of wastewater activities which vary from reactive 24 hour blockage support to planned capital investment programmes in the wastewater network.

Since 2018 we have established and grown our wastewater business considerably. Our teams are experts at delivering the full range of services. We work collaboratively with our clients, such as United Utilities to bring a customer focused, safe and effective delivery.

How we operate in the communities where we work is vitally important to us. We have a full social value agenda which maps out how we leave lasting legacies, go beyond expectations, and do all we can to protect our planet through lowering our carbon emissions. At Network Plus we care about the community, our customer and our clients. Learn more about our social value and sustainability agenda here.

We are proud to work across the UK delivering our wastewater services on behalf of key utility clients, including.

Our portfolio of wastewater services

We carry out a broad range of wastewater activities which vary from reactive 24-hour blockage support to planned capital investment programmes in the wastewater network. Our experts take care of this vital utilities infrastructure and understand how difficult it can be for customers when repairs are taking place so always place the highest focus on customer service and taking the most effective course of action.

Key wastewater services include:

  • Reactive services
  • Planned services
  • Capital projects

The work we carry out includes trunk main support, network leakage detection and repair, renewal / repair / relocation of stop taps, helping customers directly with internal plumbing repairs – private leakage, installing valves or hydrants, replacing or repairing water supply pipes, lead pipe replacement, diversions and inspecting frames and covers – street furniture.

For each client this equates to thousands of water jobs per year, ranging from 5,000 right through to in excess of 100,000 – with our teams helping the water reach millions of homes and businesses.

Reactive wastewater services

Our team of experts are at hand 24/7, 365 days of the year. We clear all types of wastewater blockages and have specialist jetting teams and the latest equipment available. We cleanse, repair and renew wastewater assets, complete excavations and patch repairs. Working on behalf of top utility companies we deliver rapid response and bring resilience to the network for our clients and customers. 

Our joint venture company Customer Solutions Plus (link) sees us work across the Severn Trent region to deliver both reactive and planned infrastructure wastewater repair and maintenance.

Planned wastewater services

We have contracts with United Utilities, Severn Trent and Yorkshire Water to deliver planned proactive works and remedial services. These services may be delivered on a cyclical basis with regular investigations and surveys of assets. We also carry out proactive asset refurbishment, cleansing and removal of defects to protect the sewer network and avoid risks of pollution, sewer flooding and environmental issues.

For some clients, we carry out network modelling and mapping of the wastewater networks and ancillary assets. This is to understand flows, demands and proactive asset maintenance activities to be carried out.

Capital projects

We deliver capital and minor capital projects on behalf of Yorkshire Water and United Utilities region-wide. Projects are typically on a tendered or allocated basis.  We work closely with the client and other fellow contractors to share work. Projects range from small scale actions to avoid risks associated with restricted toilet use (RTU) through to major projects to carry out sewer lining and wastewater asset replacement. 

On all projects we consider customers and how best to deliver the project in a way which minimises impact on them. We develop a customer communication plan and ensure all stakeholders impacted by our work have been consulted with.  We look for mitigations to address potential risks and impacts.

The type of work we carry out includes:

  • Projects to alleviate / address wastewater issues such as odour issues and sewer capacity
  • Sewer investigations, feasibility studies, hydraulic analysis and design
  • Sewer lining, sewer relays, sewer diversions
  • Solutions to address internal flooding
  • Manhole construction and refurbishment
  • Asset replacement, including assets such as rising mains and defective sewers
  • Pumping Station Refurbishments
  • Minor civils projects – Outfall/CSO structure refurbishments, pedestrian bridge replacements

We are a team of highly qualified wastewater experts working every day to ensure wastewater is transported effectively and safely.

Did you know?

As part of our joint venture, Customer Solutions Plus, Network Plus and Sapphire Utility Services support over 4.5 million households and businesses. The organisation responds to emergency wastewater situations including sewer flooding and blockages. 

In May 2021, Customer Solutions Plus uncovered a large ‘Fatberg’ underneath the M6 in the Midlands. Fatbergs are large deposits of fats, oils and grease typically combined with items such as wipes which get lodged in the sewer network. They require specialist tools and equipment to remove them often over a number of weeks due to their size.

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Waste Infrastructure Network Services for Severn Trent

Our joint venture, Customer Solutions Plus (link) works on behalf of Severn Trent (ST) and Hafren Dyfrdwy (HD) to deliver wastewater services across the whole of the geographic footprint.  This contract covers reactive and remedial activities. Reactive services are on a 24/7/365 response basis with works to cleanse, repair, renew and reinstate any aspect of the network within given SLA’s.

In addition to the above, Network Plus have been awarded a contract for Proactive works across the whole of the ST and HD applicable regions. Works carried out cover both urgent  and non-urgent activities including the following; cleansing, follow on works, repairs, defects, inspections, network mapping across the ST and HD region within given SLA’s.

The scope of works includes:

  • Scheduling works / resources
  • 24/7/365 call out
  • On site customer communications and support
  • Traffic management
  • Data logger installation.
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Flying Start Programme – Investigation, lining and cut and pump programme for United Utilities

On behalf of United Utilities and as part of the Year 1 Flying Start Programme, Network Plus has been awarded multiple packages to investigate the existing United Utilities (UU) networks in selected, problematic areas of the North West. The aim of the programme is to find, record and then fix any defects found, using CCTV and CIPP UV lining methodologies.  This programme involved around 15nr CCTV and lining teams, working across multiple towns and cities in the North West on a daily basis.  In addition to the above package we were also contracted to carry out surveys, designs and installations of cut and pump solutions to the cellars of properties, that had previously suffered from historic flooding issues and allow them to be removed from the UU Internal flooding database.

The scope of works included:

  • Surveying, cleaning, jetting and lining of approximately 15km of sewer network
  • Surveying, designing and installation of packaged pump solutions to approximately 50 private customer properties suffering from internal flooding around Greater Manchester

One of the main innovations with this programme was the adoption of a new ‘blind-shot’ UV LED lining method to line lateral connections to sewers with access only needed from one end of the sewer, rather than traditionally needing two access points and avoiding the need for additional excavation works.

Emergency work for United Utilities

On behalf of United Utilities (UU), we were awarded a contract to deliver an urgent and complex sewer diversion of an existing 450mm sewer, that was at risk of imminent collapse on a riverbank.  Plans were quickly put in place to mobilise the works, to ensure the UU owned assets did not structurally fail and cause a major pollution incident to the nearby watercourse.

The scheme comprised of the diversion of approximately 30m of 450mm sewer at up to 5m deep.  New access chambers with a new CSO chamber and new connection to a large underground surface water culvert, were also constructed as part of the works and to give future access requirements to the United Utilities Network Maintenance team.

The scope of works included:

  • Enabling works – Removal of mature trees from the riverbank to allow installation of stone bags to offer a temporary support to the failing outfall structure (under Local Authority ownership). Enabling works also included removal of customers garden fences and walls to provide access to a tight and restrictive work location.
  • Japanese Knotweed management – surveys and removal of material and non-hazardous waste
  • Installation of new 450mm sewer and associated manholes through private land, keeping the customers regularly updated of our progress.
  • Reinstatement works to driveways, gardens, walls and fences to the customers satisfaction.

Refresco, Sewer Diversion for United Utilities

On behalf of United Utilities, we were awarded a contract to deliver a large-scale sewer diversion within an existing, food factory site.  The western boundary of the site is currently undergoing major ground stabilisation works and part of the overall scheme is to divert approximately 200m of an existing United Utilities asset, with a new 900mm sewer diversion. 

The scope of works included:

  • Installation of 5 new 2.4m – 3m diameter manholes up to 5m deep.
  • Installation of 200m of new 900mm sewer ranging from 3-5m deep.
  • Re-routing and connecting the existing private drainage on site where applicable.

As the scheme is currently a live construction site, Network Plus have worked closely with the current Principal Contractor to develop a suitable Construction Phase SHEQ plan for the scheme that was mutually acceptable to both parties. Regular communication, meetings, liaison and sharing of information with fellow contractors on site is key to the success of the project.