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10-05-24 |

Network Plus & Northumbrian Water to deliver AMP8 Wider Ecosystem 

Network Plus has secured a place as one of the four contractors on Lot 2a of Northumbrian Water’s AMP8 Wider Ecosystem framework, where we will work in the North-East area from 2025 to 2030. 

Northumbrian Water delivers water and wastewater services to the communities in the North-East, Essex and Suffolk. We are looking forward to supporting their long-term strategy to deliver these essential services for generations to come, alongside the improvements our government, regulators and their customers wish to see. 

The Wider Ecosystem branch of AMP8 will delve into the long-term needs of the environment through maintaining good ecological status in rivers, combined sewer overflow reductions, a no tolerance approach to pollution and significant improvements in diversity, with a 50% reduction in leakage across all areas. 

This will be a capital delivery focused framework where contractors will typically support schemes expected to cost less than £5m within one of Northumbrian Water’s network areas.  

We will support with the following: 

  • Storm overflow spill reductions. 
  • Flood risk reduction and pollution remediation schemes. 
  • Sewer rehabilitation programme. 
  • Property level flood protection measures. 
  • Sea outfall inspections. 
  • Minor works and full refurbishment projects on both water and sewer network. 

Alongside Northumbrian Water, we will be working towards creating a better water supply resilience and quality, fundamentally building a greener ecosystem for the future in the Northeast. 

Our Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Fowlie, had this to say:

“We are excited to have secured this long-term contract with Northumbrian Water and are looking forward to supporting the capital delivery programme, with a particular focus on mitigation of sewerage overflows by installing both grey and blue-green infrastructure.

This is an industry-wide issue, and we are delighted to be working alongside several water companies to deliver services that will have a positive lasting impact on the environment.”


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