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As leading utilities infrastructure experts, we are delighted to have been recognised by national industry awards

Our Telecommunications infrastructure services

During COVID-19 it became clear how essential telecoms services are. Every home and business is reliant on faster broadband and connectivity; vital for work, education, and businesses alike. We carry out a broad range of telecoms activities which vary from underground cable laying to overhead stringing of cables via wood poles.

Since 2020, we have established and grown our telecoms business considerably. Our teams are experts at delivering the full range of services. We use local resources accredited to the correct standards, including PIA.

How we operate in the communities where we work is vitally important to us. We have a full social value agenda which maps out how we leave lasting legacies, go beyond expectations, and do all we can to protect our planet through lowering our carbon emissions. At Network Plus we care about the community, our customer and our clients. Learn more about our social value and sustainability agenda here

We are proud to work nationwide on behalf of key utility clients, including.

  • Spectrum
  • CityFibre
  • WightFibre
  • Western Power Distribution (cable and fibre laying)

Our portfolio of Telecoms services


In 2021 we commenced new build network works across designated South Wales geographic areas. Work activities include trenching, ducting, installation of active / passive optical cabinets and toby box installation and cable laying. Works also include route proving of Openreach infrastructure via PIA, sub-duct and micro duct installation. Fibre optic cables will be installed through a variety of techniques including blowing, pulling, splicing. Cables will be installed overhead and underground.


We commenced working for CityFibre in 2021 to bring full fibre to homes across Bradford. The contract requires full installation of fibre infrastructure delivered to over 137,000 properties in the Yorkshire city. Scope of works comprise of the following:

  • Mechanical or hand dig excavation within the footway, carriageway, verge, on varying surface types
  • Duct laying
  • Cabinet construction
  • Footway and carriageway toby construction
  • Aerial works where design dictates
  • Footway and carriageway chamber construction
  • Backfill and reinstatement
  • Blown fibre tube and fibre optic cable installation, proving and testing
  • Installation of apparatus within BTOR and other third party networks.

At a high level, we are responsible for surveying areas to identify construction methodologies and the pre-condition of the street. We carry out all streetworks noticing and permitting prior to commencing each package of works. We are responsible for delivering all serviceable connection points as designed, within the Primary Node Area. In addition, we carry out all installation of duct lines, BFT, cable work, fibre joints and associated splicing and testing as designed (by CityFibre) from FEx, BTOR Exchange, Data Centre or FAC to the Serviceable Connection Point as detailed on the design. Our scope includes connection to FEx, links to BTOR exchanges and third-party interconnection points.


The Gigabit Island Project brings fibre to the Isle of Wight. We have carried out Construction Management Organisation (CMO) activities on behalf of our client, Wightfibre. Our role has been associated with the management of the delivery programme aiming for 152km of new fibre duct installation to 15,000 homes.

Key work activities included:

  • Work stack development (programme & planning); developing an overall programme for the Programme, setting out sequence and completion dates for each individual New Build Areas.
  • Supply chain management; jointly identifying suitable contractors to deliver the works, reviewing and developing rates, specifications, technical / commercial documentation to form part of the contractual arrangements.
  • Programme management; accountability and responsibility for all scheduling, planning, noticing/permitting activities associated with delivery of the annual programme.
  • Stakeholder management; engaging with Local Authorities and key stakeholders and ensure communications prior to work commencement.
  • Customer management; managing all customer notification processes and complaint / enquiry processes for the works, as well as providing a 24/7 phone service for enquiries.
  • Pre-construction Works/Design Verification; surveying to verify the routes (buildability).
  • H&S/CDM; assess the H&S competence & undertake all responsibilities and accountabilities as the Principal Contractor for all works in the Programme Area.
  • Construction Management; responsible for day to day management of the Contractors ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and policies and driving performance levels.
  • Technical Competency and Resourcing; workforce planning

Western Power Distribution (cable and fibre laying)

We work with a number of electricity distribution organisations to lay cables. For some such as Western Power Distribution, we also lay fibre. For example, Network Plus have been awarded a contract to install 15km of 33kV core cable and Fibre cable from Meaford to Eccleshall in the West Midlands. The work involves excavation, duct laying, cable installation and reinstatement works.