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As leading utilities infrastructure experts, Network Plus has been recognised by national industry awards

Water Industry Awards Finalist 2022, Celebrating excellence in UK Water. 29 June 2022 live in Birmingham
Utility Week Awards - Finalist 2021

We deliver industry leading power infrastructure services for a wide range of clients across the UK. The work our team of experts deliver daily helps keep homes and businesses powered safely.

Our services include laying and repairing / maintaining power cables and overhead lines, delivering major projects and capital infrastructure, ensuring the safety of the network through vegetation management, and providing emergency storm response.

We began providing power services in 2016 and have rapidly grown our footprint ever since. Our longest standing client is Electricity North West who deliver essential services to power 2.4 million homes across the North West. We work closely with all our clients and our highly qualified teams of experts are available 24/7 to ensure continuous power supplies.

At Network Plus we care about the communities we operate in and are passionate about having a positive impact. Our social value ethos sees our teams supporting charities and community projects, delivering customer excellence through our ServicePlus approach, as well as reinvesting in local areas via employment opportunities and supply chains. Learn more about our social value and sustainability agenda here

We are proud to work across the UK delivering our power infrastructure services on behalf of key utility clients, including.

Our portfolio of power services

Our power services are vast and diverse, ranging from cable laying and maintenance of overhead power lines through to major projects. We have an exceptional track record in delivering services aligned to our clients’ needs through collaborative design and delivery.

Key power services:

  • Cable lay, backfill and reinstatement up to 132kV
  • Overhead lines
  • Resilience and storm response
  • Capital and minor capital project works
  • Vegetation management
  • Major projects 

We are supporting our clients in the power sector to deliver low carbon solutions. The Regulator, Ofgem, have announced a £40 billion pound investment for a greener energy system.   We undertake a range of projects including installation of EV charge points, network reinforcement and replacement and de-looping (split load). 

Power cable lay and reinstatement

We carry out planned and reactive cable lay activities, on behalf of a range of clients including Electricity North West and Western Power Distribution. This sees our teams install, repair and replace power cables that are underneath the ground. This can involve us surveying the site, completing planning and programme management, streetworks noticing and customer notifications, as well as full backfill and reinstatement to leave the area as we found it.

At Network Plus we cover the full range of planned and reactive repair and maintenance for cable laying, whether it be new connections, diversions, service alterations, fault restorations, or capital asset replacement.

Power overhead lines

Our team deliver daily for our clients to help power the UK through the construction, refurbishment, replacement and dismantling of overhead power lines. With in-depth experience and expertise, you can be confident in the ability of our expert engineers to always deliver safe, highly technical and the best quality services possible.

As market leaders across the utility industry for the provision of overhead line power services, the teams at Network Plus deliver construction work ranging from ‘light’ LV, 11kV works to heavy 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 132kV wood poles, intermediate and terminal H poles, cross arms and associated stay blocks, as well as ABSD’s.

We are experts at delivering the end-to-end overhead line works process, from upfront planning, initial site surveys, programme management and stakeholder liaison right through to testing and commissioning.

Power resilience and storm response

When storms threaten or disrupt the power supply, we are at our client’s side, providing rapid emergency response and resilience to keep the network running.

As one of the largest providers of storm response services across the UK, our teams are rapidly deployed and experienced at working in challenging circumstances. Trained to the highest standards and fully qualified to carry out the emergency work, classed as high risk due to the storm conditions, you can be confident we meet and exceed all safety obligations and Distribution Network Operator (DNO) stipulations

Our experience in this area is rich, with our teams over a period of two years providing overhead line and vegetation management storm assistance to Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN), Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN) and UK Power Networks (UKPN) for 15 separate storm events. This resulted in the rapid deployment of over 500 linesmen and arborists in challenging storm conditions in order to restore power supplies.

In a storm event in 2020, we mobilised over 110 arborists and linesmen in a 48-hour period to assist in storm Ciara and Dennis which affected over 340,000 UKPN customers. Our emergency response included the deployment of a 24/7 Call Response Manager along with 10, 2/3-person arborist teams, deployed across various UKPN depots over two five-day periods.

Offering a full package, at Network Plus we also complete the necessary testing and commissioning of the overhead line works, including the return to service and the customer polarity checks. We complete joint site walk offs as part of the close out process. We then complete the as-laid drawings and submit to the DNO for asset record purposes along with submitting test completion and earthing certificates.

Capital and minor capital project works – power

We carry out a range of capital and minor capital project works for clients including Scottish Power Energy Networks, Western Power Distribution and Electricity North West. These are planned investments from the industry to help future proof the network and meet increasing and ever-changing demands. This work sees our experts completing build and commissioning power works, laying new assets and refurbishment, as well as surveying and labelling. As part of this we complete all third party liaison with landowners and customers to ensure a smooth process.

Vegetation management – power

As part of our power services, we carry out a range of vegetation management works for clients including Electricity North West. Our role is to ensure that overhead lines operate effectively by preventing vegetation growth such as trees damaging the lines. The Network Plus range of services includes:

  • Surveying in advance of works
  • Pruning / felling of trees, scrubs and hedgerows
  •  Clearance of rhododendron including roots
  • Temporary tree protection
  • Temporary fencing
  • Removal / re-use of arisings
  • Chipping and spreading of arisings
  • Stump treatment
  • Silviculture

Specialist vegetation and arboriculture services

Network Plus Group has completed the acquisition of EOS Contracting Limited, to broaden the safe and efficient delivery of arboriculture and infrastructure vegetation management services. The company operates across the Midlands and the South East and has secured a number of strategic, long term contracts to provide a professional service to customers.

The vegetation and arboriculture services support the UK’s Distribution Network Operators, and a range of clients within the civil engineering, rail and highways markets.

We carry out major projects for a number of clients including the installation of new electricity cables and power supplies. 

For Electricity North West, We’re undertaking work at the North West’s world-famous landmark, Jodrell Bank. Electricity North West is investing more than £600,000 to protect the power network across parts of Macclesfield, including Jodrell Bank Observatory, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site last year. 

The project involves installing new equipment in the local area, including fitting new cables and putting overhead lines underground, significantly reinforcing the electricity network for the observatory and the surrounding area.

Ian Greenwood, Head of Special Projects said: “Electricity North West is continuing to provide a critical service throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As well as responding to faults, it’s key we continue to maintain and upgrade the power network.”

Did you know?

£ 1

investment for a greener energy system has been given the go ahead by Ofgem

1 %
of energy customers

are on the Priority Services Register. Network Plus delivers a wide range of tailored services to help those with specific needs

1 UK

in 2020-21 have been supported by Network Plus, including storm response to restore power supplies

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Excavation, cable laying and reinstatement for Western Power Distribution (WPD)

Network Plus delivers excavate, cable lay, backfill and reinstatement services across WPD’s East and West Midlands licence areas, including Chesterfield and Mansfield, Lincolnshire, Stoke, Shrewsbury and Telford. We also deliver one-off cable projects across all four WPD licence areas.

Around 70% of our cable laying work is planned, with around 30% bring reactive. To be able to respond quickly to any emergency we have plans and systems in place, working very closely with the client and are available 24/7/365. We provide fast deployment, within the hour to repair emergencies and are experts at dealing with the most challenging of situations.

To add further value to our work we use our Traffic Management business Go Traffic Management, when delivering our power services, and where required support WPD direct operations with their traffic management requirements.

Key facts:

  • 24/7 service
  • 50km HV Cable Replacement
  • 60km of LV Cable Replacement
  • 6,000 Reactive Restoration / Faults
  • 10,000 New Connections

Key facts

1 km

HV Cable Replacement

1 km

of LV Cable Replacement


Reactive Restoration / Faults


New Connections

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Electricity North West Logo

Underground cable works for Electricity North West (ENW)

Network Plus delivers underground cable laying, backfill and reinstatement activities across the whole of ENW’s North area, this covers from North Manchester to the Scottish Borders.

We are responsible for the end-to-end planning, management and delivery of all works. The nature of this work can be disruptive so our teams have introduced a range of tactical innovations to enhance the customer experience. These include

  • Spoil sacks for storing excavated material on-site to prevent mud staining
  • A change to our customer delivery process enabling teams to proactively order jet-wash and street sweeper services for a more effective site clean up
  • Road ramps which reduce the need for grab support to drop off, move and pick up road plates. The ramps enable us to better maintain access to drives over excavations and tracks road ramps significantly reduce the noise made when cars drive over them compared to conventional road plates

Key facts:

  • 2634 connections schemes
  • Laying 30km of high voltage cables
  • Laying 40km of low voltage cables
  • Installation of 100 link boxes
  • 7,500 new connections
  • 896 capital schemes

Key facts


connections schemes

1 km

high voltage cables laid

1 km

low voltage cables laid


link boxes installed


new connections


capital schemes

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Scottish Power (Clients Logos)

Overhead lines up to 33kV for Scottish Power Energy Network (SPEN)

Network Plus delivers power overhead lines operations and maintenance activities across Mid-Wales, Dee Valley and Oswestry regions. This includes many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty such as Snowdonia National Park, and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). In 2021

As part of this contract, we have worked with SPEN to support the introduction of a new works and commercial management system; NAMS. This has required extensive change management to minimise the impact on customers and maintain network resilience during both system and process change.

Key facts:

  • 5,400 poles replaced
  • 4,000 poles refurbished
  • 250km spans installed and refurbished
  • 4,300 ESQCR defects corrected

Key facts


poles replaced


poles refurbished

1 km

spans installed and refurbished


ESQCR defects corrected

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UK Power Networks (Clients Logos)

Storm response for UK Power Networks (UKPN)

Network Plus provides 24/7/365 storm response to UKPN, covering both overhead lines and vegetation management services. 

In the most recent event, we mobilised over 110 arborists and linesmen in a 48-hour period to assist in storm Ciara and Dennis which affected over 340,000 UKPN customers. Our emergency response included the deployment of a 24/7 Call Response Manager along with ten, 2/3-person arborist teams, deployed across various UKPN depots over a five-day period.

On the Storm Ciara example from earlier this year, all customers were returned to service within 40 hours, during extreme conditions. Feedback from was very positive –  “your teams have been exceptional over the last few days, their attitude and work ethic has been first rate”.  

Key facts:

  • 24/7/365 service
  • 18 storm responses in last two years
  • 500 linesmen and arborists provided over two years
  • 24/7 call response manager / incident manager
  • Up to 100 fully qualified resources typically deployed to UKPN storm response, dependent on severity and client requirement

Key facts


storm responses in last two years


linesmen and arborists provided over two years


fully qualified resources typically deployed to UKPN storm response, dependent on severity and client requirement

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Western Power Distribution

We carry out a number of large cable laying capital projects for a number of clients. For example, with Wester Power Distribution, we are installing 15km of 33kV single copper circuit cable and additional surf telecom ducting from Meaford to Eccleshall in the West Midlands. The work involves strengthening the network and increasing capacity for the local community as part of Western Power Distribution’s major investment programme.