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Women in Network Plus

Since its launch in summer ’22, Women in Network Plus (WiN+) has gone from strength to strength.

This group has played a pivotal role in supporting us to address the gender balance, attract more diversity into our workforce and lay foundations of support for women who already work at Network Plus.

Over the last twelve months we have made great progress in this arena, through a number of key initiatives such as, Women in Network Plus, Career Challenge, and the Menopause Support Group.

About WiN+

WiN+ is a network which brings together women from all backgrounds and roles across the Network Plus Group.

Since its launch last year, the group has hosted:

  • 3 physical events
  • A virtual year-end session
  • 10 virtual Lunch & Learns on a wide range of topics

WiN+ has also launched the following:

  • Mentorship Programme
  • Menopause Policy
  • Improved Maternity Pay Policy
  • Menopause Support Group (and other subgroups)
  • WiN+ Career Challenge
  • Women in Leadership qualifications


A recent triumph was the successful sourcing of new and improved PPE for women, including maternity wear.  The new gear provides a much better fit, reliable size guide and warmth for when they need it most.

Menopause Support at Network Plus

We are proud of the progress we have been making around Menopause support at Network Plus.

Originating from Women in Network Plus, we have established a steering group to raise awareness, write and implement strategies to move the business forward on this important topic.

As well as launching a Menopause Policy, we have hosted an extended Lunch & Learn session with guest speaker, Sarah Wilsher from Menopause at Work, and launched a Support Group.

We are now also offering discounts for consultations with a Menopause Specialist GP and Health & Her Supplements through PerkBox.

WiN+ Career Challenge

Our first group of participants have just completed the WiN+ Career Challenge, with an afternoon of presentations delivered to our CEO, Dan Holland, and WiN+ Steering Group.

They were set the following challenges:

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Connect with others
  • Leadership is not exclusive
  • Add Value

In 2024 we signed the Pregnancy Loss Pledge

Ensuring we encourage a supportive working environment for any employees and partners going through a miscarriage.

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