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We have contracts with over 60% of the UK Gas Distribution Companies

We support gas services to over 20 million customers nationwide

The energy industry has delivered £37.1m of support to help fuel-poor customers

As leading utilities infrastructure experts, we are delighted to have been recognised by national industry awards

Utility Week Awards - Finalist 2021

Our gas infrastructure services

Network Plus delivers industry leading gas infrastructure services for a wide range of clients across the UK. The work our team of experts deliver daily helps keep homes and businesses in a safe, reliable supply of gas. Our services include gas mains connections, alterations and disconnections, the refurbishment and replacement of mains on the network, the build of new gas supplies, as well as gas metering, reinforcement projects to increase network capacity and much more (link to relevant section). We are a highly qualified team of industry experts you can rely on.

We began providing gas services in 2015 and serve major utility gas clients within our portfolio. Our longest standing client is Cadent (link) who bring gas to 11 million homes and businesses throughout the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, East of England and North London.

How our teams operate brings exceptional levels of customer focused service. We place significant importance on empowering our teams to leave a positive, lasting legacy. From supporting local community and charity initiatives, helping residents wherever we can to bringing employment to an area, or lowering our emissions. We care about the community, our customer and our clients. Learn more about our social value and sustainability agenda here.

We are proud to work across the UK delivering gas infrastructure services on behalf of key utility clients, including.

Our portfolio of gas services

Our gas services are diverse, ranging from connection and alterations through to reinforcing the network and constructing new mains. Our experts are highly qualified, technical and experienced. We have an exceptional track record of delivering a safe gas supply and responding to emergencies swiftly.

Key gas services

  • Gas mains replacement (Repex)
  • Construction management (build)
  • Fuel poverty / Affordable Warmth Solutions
  • Industrial, Commercial and Domestic gas metering
  • Connections, alterations and disconnections of gas mains and services
  • Reinforcement projects to increase network capacity

Gas mains replacement (Repex)

The repex programme refers to the replacement of existing iron mains as mandated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (link), as well as the work that is undertaken to replace corroding steel pipes. We carry out gas mains replacement activities for a variety of clients and our work includes bulk service renewal, live service insertion, service extraction, abandonment and reinforcement, as well as riser works and supply replacements to multi-occupancy buildings.

Gas construction services - build

We carry out overarching Construction Management Organisation (CMO) duties for some of our clients, such as Cadent. CMO activities include the management of gas

  • Connections, alterations and disconnections of gas mains and services
  • Diversion projects to accommodate new construction projects
  • Reinforcement projects to increase network capacity
  • Delivery to complex multi-occupancy buildings to replace and refurbish pipework
  • Projects to replace / refurbish / install district and service governors

Affordable Warmth Solutions / fuel poverty - gas

Network Plus delivers fuel poor connection schemes on behalf of Affordable Warmth Solutions throughout the North West, Midlands, East of England and North London, with the aim to connect those in our communities with no gas supply. Our team of engineers also complete gas connections to low-income households.

Industrial, commercial and domestic gas metering

We are leading experts in the gas metering sector and have been delivering on behalf of energy suppliers for many years. The Network Plus metering engineers are experts across the full spectrum of gas metering services, including all aspects of the installation, exchange, removal and maintenance of gas metering assets for both domestic and industrial and commercial (I&C) customers. Our services include:

  • Maintenance and installation of pressured gas assets
  • Routine maintenance and inspection, unplanned maintenance
  • Minor works
  • Capital interventions
  • 24/7 emergency support

Connections, alterations and disconnections of gas mains and services

For clients including Cadent and Northern Gas Networks, our programmes of work include the connection and disconnection of gas mains and services. This predominantly relates to developers who require services to support property changes or new housing developments.

Reinforcement projects to increase network capacity

We carry out major pipe laying and reinforcement projects for a number of clients including Cadent and Northern Gas Networks.  For example, with Northern Gas Networks, we are laying 8km gas pipes across the rugged and varied terrain of Penrith in Cumbria. Our teams work through heavy snow and torrential rain, in sensitive areas crossing farms. The project involves working near water courses, rivers and laying pipes under and across carriageways. The project uses the latest techniques to minimise impact and disruption. Network Plus successfully work in the community and cater for livestock in farmland.


We are a team of highly qualified and accredited gas engineers working nationally to help bring a safe, reliable gas supply to homes and businesses. 

All gas engineers are EUSR and Gas Safe registered, and SCO 1&2 certified as a minimum

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Norther Gas Networks logo

Mains replacement for Northern Gas Networks

Network Plus is responsible for the Mains Replacement (Repex) activity throughout Northern Gas Networks (NGN) Leeds and Cumbria operational areas.

NGN recently changed their operational strategy from a consolidated delivery model, with just one or two delivery partners, towards a more regionalised Direct Service Provider (DSP) model with a number of partners. Our work into the Leeds region was as a result of the best in class gas infrastructure services our team delivered in Cumbria, with NGN asking our teams to expand across the two regions.

We utilise an area-focussed project manager to ensure a continued focus on successful delivery. Each team is highly trained and capable of working across all four pressure tiers. The contract is further supported by our North West and Yorkshire regional reinstatement models and our central safety, commercial, compliance and customer teams.

Key facts:

  • 179,945 metres of mains and/or services laid on behalf of NGN
  • 103km (58%) of volume laid within urban Leeds area
  • 76km laid throughout rural Cumbria over a three year period
  • NGN has consistently been an upper quartile performer within Ofgem’s Broader Measure for Customer Service

Key facts


metres of mains and/or services laid on behalf of NGN

1 km

(58%) of volume laid within urban Leeds area

1 km

metres of mains and/or services laid on behalf of NGN

NGN has consistently been an upper quartile performer within Ofgem’s Broader Measure for Customer Service

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Cadent (Client's logo)

Construction Services North West (CMO) for Cadent

Network Plus delivers a breadth of services on behalf of Cadent. From building gas networks to connect to new developments, through to planned gas repair services. This means are activities are driven by a programme of works so reliability and meeting tight deadlines is key. To ensure compliance we govern our work at all levels.

We use daily and weekly reviews to monitor adherence and progress at a granular level. Our daily tracking is focussed on ensuring any potential issues are flagged and immediately rectified or escalated, as required. This daily tracking allows for specific intervention, maintaining a reliable service delivery.

Key facts

1 %

of enquiries are substantively resolved within 60 minutes

1 /10

C-SAT scores – one of the highest amongst Cadent’s contracts

up to 62 teams – Provision of peak resources over winter months
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National Grid (Client's Logos)

Gas services for National Grid Metering

We work for National Grid through a number of contracts known as Minerva. These cover varying geographical areas across the UK including the North, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands and North London area networks.

Our team of multi-skilled engineers deliver around 5,000 metering jobs per month across a range of disciplines including planned / routine maintenance and inspections, unplanned maintenance, flow / fault diagnostic and repair, valve and filter repairs, site investigation and capital intervention works. Working 24/7 we are skilled across a range of gas assets.