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We are responsible for the management and delivery of 700km of mains and 70km service replacements annually throughout RII0 GD2.

Network Plus is delivering this across the North West and East Midlands as a Construction Management Operation (CMO).

We are experienced in delivering a range of Gas Distribution services, including:

  • Mains Replacement
  • New Connections
  • Diversions & Reinforcement Pipelines
  • Multi-Building Occupancy District Governors
  • Metering
gas extraction
gas truck
gas extraction

Gas Distribution: Mains Replacement

We are experts at managing and delivering large scale low and medium pressure gas mains and services, across public and private property, including highway, footpaths, gardens, and private premises.

Gas Distribution: New Connections

On behalf of our clients, we manage and deliver new gas connections, service alterations, disconnections, and affordable warmth schemes for domestic, industrial, and commercial customers.

This includes the survey, design, laying of new mains and services infrastructure to connect customers to the gas network.

work barriers outside house
cone with barrier

Gas Distribution: Diversions & Reinforcement Pipelines

Our teams manage and deliver major projects associated with increasing network capacity and re-routing of existing networks to accommodate new infrastructure works.

This includes the installation of new pipelines in public highways and private land. Together with managing special crossings such as rivers, canals, highways and railway using no dig directional drill technology.

Gas Distribution: Multi Occupancy Buildings

We manage and deliver the replacement, refurbishment, and removal of pipework providing gas through multiple meter points to customers in multi-storey buildings.

mini digger
digging up pavement

Gas Distribution: District Governors 

We manage and replace MP district governor above ground assets, including replacements, reinforcements, and refurbishment projects.

Our mechanical works include:

  • steel pipe fabrications
  • steel governor replacements
  • inlet and outlet connections
  • testing and commissioning

Our civil works includes:

  • excavations in the highways, industrial, and private land
  • vegetation clearance
  • retaining walls
  • concrete plinths
  • pathway, drainage & fencing
  • kiosk housing installations
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Things our clients say

  • QuoteThere are so many opportunities

    I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome – everyone has been so friendly and helpful in getting me up to speed. I’m excited to be part of a dynamic team and I can already see that there are so many opportunities for growth and development here. Super impressed by the supportive environment I find myself in and with that, I’ve already been placed on a leadership course for current and aspiring leaders. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds here at Network Plus.

  • QuoteI have been supported to progress

    I joined Network Plus in 2021 as part of the Transactional Services Team. I joined at a time when the department was growing into the fantastic, collaborative team it is. I have been supported to grow and progress within my role and shape and define processes within my team. When you are supported in this way it makes you feel valued and that you can make a difference.

  • QuoteBest company I have worked for

    It’s a good place to work from my experience and here hard work really does pay off.  They really do let you graft your way up the chain if you stand out. There’s been good support and good opportunities so far and they really give the job for life impression if you put the work In.  Best company I have worked for, easily.

  • QuoteWhat a great collective

    I should like to take this opportunity to congratulate your team who have been installing the fibre optic cables… As they near the final days of completion, I have to say the whole team have been respectful of properties with minimal disruption to all residents, also what a great collective they are, always polite and helpful.

  • QuoteFabulous group

    I just wanted to say what a fab group of men we’ve got working in our little village this week. They’ve been tidy, courteous, polite and really informative too.

  • QuoteVery impressive

    Our thanks for the extremely efficient way in which the essential tree cutting maintenance assured uninterrupted power supplies. It was very impressive how the initially planned power cuts were avoided. We very much appreciate how well this was carried out.

  • QuotePolite & courteous

    Throughout the works all of the people who have been working here have been polite, courteous and have worked some long hours to get the job done. We can only praise them and wish that the workforce from other organisations would be as thoughtful towards residents in the area they are working.

  • QuoteA relaxed place to work

    It is a relaxed place to work and management care about your progression and development. Plenty of opportunities to internal transfer and progress. The hours can be long but there is flexibility. Management and employees get along well.

  • QuoteMuch appreciated

    Just wanted to express our appreciation in your team going the extra mile and getting the job done to a great standard in a sometimes challenging environment.

  • QuoteThank you everyone

    I want to thank everyone involved in supporting the project for their determination, resilience, and customer focus throughout which has enabled the successful delivery.

  • QuoteFantastic experience

    It has been a fantastic experience partnering with the teams at NP to deliver this ambitious milestone. We’ve been running at pace for some time and you’ve been both flexible and constructive, and we’ve always managed to agree a way forward to achieve the best outcome for all involved.