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We complete thousands of water repair and maintenance jobs for our clients every year, ensuring that water reaches millions of homes and businesses across the UK.

The repair and maintenance work our teams carry out across clean and wastewater includes trunk main support, network leakage detection and repair, renewal / repair / relocation of stop taps, private leakage, installing valves or hydrants, replacing or repairing water supply pipes, lead pipe replacement, diversions and inspecting frames and covers of street furniture.

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Clean Water Repair and Maintenance

We have the experience, agility, and capability to flex resources to meet the challenges of unplanned events and incidents on our clients’ networks.

At Network Plus, we schedule all works to create a balance between the demand for planned and reality of reactive activity. This, combined with our ability to implement a rapid “ramp-up” in teams, and associated support, ensures service level agreements are achieved across a broad spectrum of responsibility.

As a highly collaborative business, we will work in unison with your network and leakage detection teams. By doing so, we can provide traditional programmed leakage repair activity or a highly effective find and fix service, creating efficiency and providing best value.

Wastewater Repair & Maintenance

Our contract delivery team provides a rapid response to flooding incidents, with consideration for the customer’s home.

The methodology that we adopt leads to the prevention of incidents and eliminates the cause of repeat events. The overarching principle is to resolve the issue and not simply move the problem elsewhere on the network.