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10-02-23 |

National Apprenticeship Week: Meet our Apprentices

national apprentice week

We currently have more than 34 apprenticeships across a wide variety of roles and levels, working across the Network Plus Group, with 67 expressions of interest in our recently launched, apprenticeship-based Management Development Programme.

Our apprenticeships offer our workforce a great opportunity to upskill and develop their careers. But don’t just take our word for it – this week we have been sharing the reflections of a handful of our apprentices on their experience. You can check them out on LinkedIn.

We are ending the week with our interview with Courage Oseghale.

courage oseghale

What apprenticeship are you doing and why?

I have recently just completed my degree apprenticeship at the University of Salford, studying Quantity Surveying. The reason I picked this apprenticeship stems from the information I was given about apprenticeship funds.

I knew going full time on university study is somewhat demanding financially. I have a few friends and family who had chosen this route and their view is that the repayment of study funds plus interest is not ideal. And as a graduate, the last thing you want to have to think about is the debt you’ve accumulated over the last few years of your studies.

With this knowledge, which I am fortunate to have learned, I chose the apprenticeship route. And as I have completed my studies now, I am completely debt free – meaning I can now focus on putting the funds I could have been paying against any plans I may have.

Also, I have gained valuable experience in the industry, experience I would not have gained if I had gone full-time. This experience has helped me gain a promotion quicker than I would have if I had gone through the full-time route. Finally, I got to earn as I learned — a triple win.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done so far?

As mentioned briefly above, I have had the opportunity to work on bigger projects that couldn’t have been entrusted to a newly graduated surveyor with no experience. Within my study duration, I managed five Contractors with a contract turnover of approx. £25 million combined.

What is your team like?

My team is helpful. With the team growing, I have had the chance to work with experienced teammates with a vast amount of knowledge of the work we do. Questions are answered carefully to be understood easily and support from the management team has helped a lot in understanding the work better.

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship with Network Plus?

I would say, ‘Get it… waste no time in registering your interest.’

You are not just coming to an environment where you learn and gain real-life experience, but you will be in a place with the support you need, and easy access to people of greater experience who could mentor you all the way through. Also, you will have contact or access to those within the apprenticeship route as you are — they will be willing to help you in any way.

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