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12-12-23 |

Stormy Autumn at Network Plus

Stormy Autumn at Network Plus 

This Autumn and Winter have been exceptionally turbulent… 

In October we saw Storm Babet and Storm Ciaran barrel through the UK, prompting amber and yellow weather warnings, leaving thousands without electricity.   

Large parts of the country saw twice the average amount of rainfall in October. This was a particularly challenging time for our Power clients, with their assets left vulnerable in these extreme conditions. 

Storm Babet Response 

Whilst the storm lasted a matter of days, the aftermath of the flooding carried on for weeks, delaying groundworks and blocking roads.  

In the South East, we provided over 70 skilled operatives to help our client UK Power Networks, making sure their customers kept the lights on.  

“We wanted to say thank you for your support over the weekend, it’s always good to know you are at the end of the phone during an event like this.”  

UK Power Networks 

In North Wales and Scotland, we supported our client SP Energy Networks and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks with over 50 of our skilled operatives on standby should they need it.   

Storm Babet hit hard in Scotland, with 77mph winds and 176mm of rainfall over a 36-hour period making it the third highest impact storm since 2015. 

“Our storm procedures run like a well-oiled machine…it is great to see the capability in action. However, none of it works without boots on the ground in skilled roles to safely repair our network. The role our contractors play in our response to Babet has been vital in our success.”

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks  

A Speedy Reinstatement in Adverse Conditions    

With over a thousand properties flooded and some towns evacuated, our teams worked hard for our clients in these challenging conditions.   

Our Reinstatement Team over in Leicester support our clients Cadent Gas, National Grid and Severn Trent Water. Due to the flooding and adverse weather conditions, their assets were vulnerable. This team worked through the weekend in torrential rain, some worked in the excavations, whilst others pumped out the rainwater to ensure we protect their assets. 

Kelvin Gunn is our Reinstatement Manager in the Midlands, and this is what he had to say:  

“It’s difficult to achieve results when working in these conditions, but our key priority is always to protect our client’s assets. We knew a few days in advance that the weather would be difficult, but as a business we must facilitate our client’s needs, no matter the weather.”  

During a reinstatement project, they were called upon by Staffordshire County Council and their local fire brigade to provide flooding support:  

“We attended a site for National Grid Electricity Distribution, but when we arrived the excavation and the road was totally flooded. Adjacent to the work area, there was a cul-de-sac with 8 bungalows. The water was flooding the properties, where pensioners resided. We stopped our activities for that day to create a dam at the top of the road, creating a diversion for the water.”  

It’s difficult to achieve results when working in these conditions, but our key priority is always to protect our client’s assets.  

Storm Debi Response 

We sent 15 of our skilled operatives up to Kendal in Cumbria to support our client Electricity North West. 

Winds surpassed 70mph, saw fallen trees and windborne debris caused damage to the power network with more than 50 separate incidents recorded and more than 23,000 properties affected in the North West. 

They restored power to 17,000 customers affected by Storm Debi. Strong winds have made conditions particularly difficult for teams on site but with our help, they are making good progress. 

A yellow weather warning for thunderstorms, heavy rain and severe gale-force wings has now been extended across London and southern England, as Storm Debi continues to batter parts of the UK. 

Strong winds made conditions particularly difficult for teams on site. 

Storm Frankland Response

In the first week of December our client SP Energy Networks dealt with the aftermath of Storm Franklin. With little notice and no teams on-call, our talented linesmen and SAPs came to the rescue, even when not scheduled to work. They were dispatched within 2 hours, making sure our clients assets were protected or repaired quickly.

Extreme weather in Cumbria for our client

When the snow hit Cumbria in late November, we sent 38 skilled operatives to assist our client Electricity North West,

Last weekend we sent 38 of our operatives up to Cumbria to support our client Electricity North West. ENW and our teams successfully reconnected 15,000 properties.

Our engineers battled horrendous conditions to restore power to these communities, following significant damage to the network. 

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