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13-02-24 |

Operation Snap

Louise Cope is our Director for GTM. This year she has signed us up to Stamp It Out and following this, Operation Snap , in an effort to reduce roadwork abuse to our teams.

Road worker abuse in the UK is at an all-time high and up until recently the Police have struggled to secure convictions.

We have recently attended a round-table discussion with the Department of Transport, National Highways, Local Authorities, Police, Safer Highways, Industry experts, Traffic Management and Construction businesses including Kier, Balfour Beatty, Milestone and Keltbray.  

The Police, in conjunction with National Highways in Area 6 and 8 have secured 5 pending prosecutions as a result of their new campaign; Operation Snap.

Operation Snap was a response to Safer Highways, National Highways and the Police receiving an increasing number of reports, submissions of video/photographic evidence relating to driving offence that the public have witnessed including anti-social behaviour and assault to road workers.  

The Police have agreed that the response to road worker abuse is inconsistent at best, and this is the first step at protecting our teams against abuse of any kind.

We will work closely with our industry to lead the way in reducing abuse to ensure that our teams are safe.  This includes looking at training, educating the public and other security procedures to protect our teams.

How will we report this?

We will encourage our teams to use our in-house reporting system to report these incidents. Each incident will then be looked into and sent to Operation Snap where further action will be taken.


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