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13-02-24 |

Harry’s Big Day On-site

Christmas came early last December for this little lad in Ramsbottom…

We’ve been working on a wastewater project in the Nuttall Park area, installing storm water tanks on our contract with United Utilities. It was a business as usual day when one of the customers living nearby brought to our attention her son’s fascination with these ‘big diggers’. He loved to watch them at work and dreamed of one day getting a chance to have a go one day.

Harry lives nearby to the non-core site and was very keen to commandeer one. Well, there was only one thing for it! Let’s make this Christmas wish come true.

One of our elves handed out brews and sausage rolls to warm up the team whilst our new recruit got on with things. Thank you to all involved for your efforts. It’s these small acts of kindness with customers that make all the difference.

We received a lovely note from his mum after the experience:

I just wanted to pop an email over to say that I genuinely can’t thank you enough for making yesterday happen. It was more than we could have imagined and we’re so grateful to everyone involved for it. Everyone was so amazing and understanding with Harry, the whole thing ran so smoothly because of you guys.

Like I said, it’s been a tough end to the year with my mums diagnosis and her and my dad have missed having Harry so much, so moments like yesterday mean more than I can explain.

Harry opened his presents yesterday (as it turns out trying to get wrapped presents past a 2 year old is nearly impossible) and he has genuinely never loved anything more than the ride on digger! He is trying to take it everywhere with him, including the changing table when we’re changing his nappy (he’s not been successful with this yet)!!

We’re all just absolutely overwhelmed with the trouble you all went to. My mum left a review for the awards for you yesterday and we will be telling everyone we know (Rick included) how amazing you all were.

Thank you so much,

Lois (and Harry)

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