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22-06-22 |

Network Plus launches company-wide women’s network

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Last week Network Plus launched ‘Women at Network Plus’ – a forward thinking network which brings together women from all backgrounds and roles across the Network Plus Group.

This network provides the company with a focus group to consider and address the gender balance in the industry and business through an open dialogue about barriers and opportunities for change. However, the network provides also provides female colleagues from across all levels and areas of the company to network, discuss career development, join the business mentorship programme, and influence change moving forward.

The inaugural event included a keynote speaker, updates on relevant activities, policies, and strategies currently in place or development, and group discussions focused on key themes, including how the group should progress.

Feeding back after the event, an attendee said, “It was great to see representatives from across the business show up and honestly discuss not only some of the issues women and others face in a male dominated industry, but also what we can do to improve diversity, opportunities, and overall experience moving forward.”

The team of employees who organised the event are meeting again in the coming days to consider the feedback received, and make plans for what comes next.

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