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04-10-23 |

The Journey in Customer Service with Tricia

In celebration of #CustomerServiceWeek this year we spoke to Tricia Silcock. She’s worked in Utilities for the past 30 years and specifically in Gas for the last 13!

“I have worked in several departments over my 30 years in Utilities, from training to performance and behavioural safety and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each role. I believe they have even moulded me in some way and given me the necessary tools to transfer into a Customer Service role.”

She’s worked in Customer Service in Gas for the last 13 years, starting as a Customer Liaison Officer and progressing into a North West Customer Manager.

“I manage a team of 21 Customer Liaison Officers now, covering the North West region of our CMO with Cadent Gas Ltd.

I absolutely love my job and I am passionate about delivering the best that we can out to our customers. I want them to be as impressed and proud of what we do as I am.”

Tell us about the job:

The job is diverse: I interact with Operations, Cadent, local authorities, media and PR as well as our teams onsite and the customers so it is a role that really digs into many, many areas of the business. Our customers need to score us 9.2 for our customer service and our work makes sure we deliver this target.

We identify what is going well and what we need to learn from in order to continuously improve and exceed that target.

Why is having good Customer Service so important?

We dig on people’s property and roads, restricting access to driveways, turn the gas off for up to 12 hours on our interruption day and need to access the customers’ homes to reinstate the gas supply – it can be pretty ‘full on’ for the customer if they’re not expecting the work, so our priority is to make sure it’s happening considerately, courteously and professionally.

There is never a dull day and I am so proud of what we do and what we achieve for the business and the customer!

What are your three top tips for providing excellent customer care?

Listen, compromise and care.

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