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05-09-23 |

Inspiring the future of Water

Wen are thrilled to be employing 7 apprentices this year on our contract with Bristol Water.

They will be starting Bridgwater College on the 18th September for Water Industry (Network Construction Operations) Apprenticeship Level 2.

Following the success of 3 apprentices on this contract previously, who have now gone on to be Water Operatives and in one case, a Water Team Leader, we decided to engage with the college again. They’re all still with us and have really enjoyed the experience with Network Plus so far and we have had a really positive experience with them as well. 

Following the success of these 3 apprentices, we have recently engaged with the college again to introduce more young people into the world of operations and more specifically, water!

We’ve continued this into the new academic year, encouraging young people into education until they are 18, allowing them to build industry knowledge from a young age.

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