Network Plus awarded Backfill and Reinstatement Contracts by Cadent.
Cadent Network Plus Contract
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Cadent has appointed Network Plus primary supplier for two contracts on its Backfill and Reinstatement framework. This five (plus two) year contract award sees the team delivering across the Eastern part of the North West, as well as the East Midlands.

The work commences in April and covers the backfill and reinstatement of the ground following work on the gas pipeline. Working closely with Cadent teams we will work hard to reduce disruption, completing work quickly and safely within the community and for our customers.

Dave Trotter, Network Plus executive director said: “We are thrilled to expand services we deliver for Cadent, helping them to bring a safe supply of gas to the 11 million customers they serve.

Our absolute focus on safety, doing right by the communities we work in and always seeking to use the latest technologies and processes to lower our environmental impact puts us in a great position to deliver to the highest standards.

To provide a seamless and responsive service we will focus on integrating with Cadent’s management systems. We will use the technology available to be agile and draw effectively from our highly skilled team of experts to provide an efficient backfill and reinstatement service.

The contract award enables Network Plus to continue to strengthen its gas service offering and build upon its long-standing relationship with Cadent.”