Yorkshire Water appoints Network Plus for major water networks, developer services and metering contracts
Yorkshire Water Contract
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Network Plus has been awarded three long term contracts by Yorkshire Water, one of the UK’s largest water companies. Over the next four years, Network Plus will be carrying out repair and maintenance activities associated with the water network and installing meters in the west region – stretching from North Yorkshire Dales to Sheffield. In addition, the company has been awarded a contract to provide services to developers across the whole of Yorkshire Water’s region.

Yorkshire Water supplies water and wastewater services to over 5.2 million customers, ensuring the safe delivery of approximately 1.2 billion litres of drinking water. The repair and maintenance contract will see Network Plus provide reactive services associated with the water network, including an emergency response and planned reactive work to ensure continuity of water supplies.

Network Plus will also support Yorkshire Water to install meters in both household and non-household properties. Yorkshire Water recognise the importance of meters as a response to customers’ demand for water and have agreed targets with the regulator over the next five years and beyond. This contract will see Network Plus install meters both inside and outside customers’ properties; ensuring meters can be read accurately and water consumption managed to meet future customers’ needs.

Services will be provided to developer customers, ranging from single domestic connections, to larger, new property developments and main laying activities. Network Plus will support  Yorkshire Water with an end-to-end service from initial planning and scheduling of work, through to delivery of new connections.

Dan Holland, joint chief executive at Network Plus said: “We recognise Yorkshire Water are at the heart of the local community and are rightly proud of the water services delivered to their customers. Yorkshire Water has a set out a long term strategy to invest in infrastructure and deliver outstanding levels of service in a sustainable manner. We are really proud to be a part of this strategic plan and will be working in close partnership to ensure Yorkshire customers are at the centre of everything we do”.

Director of water service delivery at Yorkshire Water, Neil Dewis, said: “The new contracts will create a competitive, dynamic, and resilient service that rewards exceptional performance, nurtures innovation, and supports us in delivering against our AMP7 performance commitments.

“The new Water Services Partnership will allow us to improve on many levels. In the longer term it will help us to drive more innovation in the industry, and in the shorter term it will allow us to continuously improve service for our customers and for Yorkshire as a whole.”