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13-04-23 |

The future of the water industry is already at Network Plus

Kai and Sarah who work on our United Utilities contract.

The future of the water industry in the North West is bright – in fact, it is already here at Network Plus.

Operating on contracts across the United Utilities footprint, we are proud to have 33% of our workforce under the age of thirty, working in a wide range of roles. Six members of our teams who are under 25 are already in managerial positions, with 3 enrolled on management apprenticeship courses. With a clear focus on the future, we are actively investing in our employees, with three recently completed apprenticeships, more enrolled in our Management Development Programme and space for others to join us. Providing a solid foundation for multiple future AMP periods.

Sarah Edwards is a great example of how the younger, professional generation are growing their careers at Network Plus. In her role as Reinstatement Supervisor, Sarah has shown great leadership skills and collaborates with colleagues in various roles to achieve the best results. Her organisation and planning skills are an invaluable asset to the contract, and she always provides clear instruction and guidance to her team. Her manager described Sarah as a “great asset to the team – she can recall any job we have on or report…she is a pleasure to have on board and goes above and beyond to get the job done.”

Kai Fraser joined Network Plus at the age of 18. Having gained a wealth of varied experience in his initial roles, demonstrating a positive attitude and clear understanding of the industry, it was not long before he became an agent, with responsibility over his own area and teams.

He quickly continued to progress, and now, at the age of 20, Kai is a Project Manager for the West Area of the contract, where he has been working for the last five months. His manager told us that he has a fantastic career ahead of him, and “will never let you down, always there when you need him – a credit to the company.”

23-year-old Cory Smith joined Network Plus in 2021 as a Reinstatement Supervisor and took to the role and fast-paced environment very quickly, which led to his role being expanded. Two years later, contract restructures and movement in other roles resulted in Cory being the successful applicant for a Reinstatement Project Manager for the Central area.

His manager told us, “Cory is a great asset to the team with a great work ethic and always goes above and beyond what is expected….his previous experience within the industry enables him to look at the bigger picture. I can confidently say that if Cory continues, his future will be very bright, and he will have many more opportunities to develop and progress at Network Plus.”

“People often talk about the aging workforce in utilities, but it simply is not the case for the water industry in the North West – we have a young and hardworking generation that are already establishing successful careers at Network Plus. It is a privilege to work with them and watch them grow from strength to strength as they gain more skills and experience.”

Dave Prescott, Contract Director

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