Affinity Water appoints Network Plus for universal metering contract
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Network Plus has been awarded a significant contract by the UK’s largest water-only supplier, Affinity Water. Over the next four years the contract will see Network Plus install up to 200,000 meters in designated areas of the Affinity Water central region.

Affinity Water supplies water to over 3.6 million customers in Southeast England, an area designated as water stressed by the Secretary of State due to increases in population, demand for water and climate change. Affinity Water’s purpose is to provide high quality water whilst taking care of the environment for all generations, such as the region’s globally rare chalk streams.

Its metering programme, in combination with tailored practical help and advice for customers to save water, plays a key part to help reduce demand, ensure the long-term sustainability of water resources and to help protect the environment.

Network Plus will work alongside Affinity Water to deliver an end-to-end service to deliver meter installations to make the process easy to administer, including use of core IT systems, planning and scheduling of work.

Dan Holland, joint chief executive at Network Plus said: “We recognise Affinity Water has a target to achieve 90% meter penetration by 2045 and that encouraging customers to reduce their water consumption is absolutely critical to the environment. We are really proud to be a part of this ambitious programme.

“We’ll work side by side with Affinity Water to ensure meters are installed according to the tight delivery schedule set for universal metering, with consideration of customer service at every step of the way.”

Joe Brownless, Director of Customer Operations at Affinity Water said: “We look forward to working with Network plus to help us drive this ambitious programme and deliver substantial benefits for both customers and the environment.

“Our metering programme plays an essential part to ensure the long-term sustainability of water use in our region. Together with practical help, such as free water saving devices and free home water efficiency checks, metering will also empower customers to save energy and money.”