State of the art Halo system used to reduce COVID-19 risk
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The HALO shield POD is the first of its kind to be used in the utilities and infrastructure sectors.  It means businesses like Network Plus and their staff can be confident that the virus is being kept out of the workplace, as Britain returns to work after the lockdown.

It works from a distance of 3m and uses thermal imaging to detect if an individual has a high temperature, even if wearing a mask or face covering. Capable of detecting up to 30 people per second, it is ideal for busy office entrances or areas of high footfall.  Industry experts claim it is the best solution on the market.

Network Plus Joint Chief Executive, Dan Holland, said: “This is part of a significant package of proactive steps and innovations we are introducing to the workplace to protect our employees, members of the public and site visitors.” “This is a very important investment; HALO has already paid dividends in detcting potential COVID-19 cases.” The HALO Shield system has been developed by leading security provider Red CCTV.

Red CCTV Managing Director, Rob Kennedy said: “The HALO shield is an amazing piece of technology and something we are very proud of.  It inspires confidence as members of staff go back to work as they know the virus has not entered their building.” “Unlike other systems, the HALO Shield is housed inside its own casings, removing the need for tripods or wires which can be trip hazards.”

The HALO shield is helping to get people back to work and with confidence.