Proud to be a partner – Supply Chain Sustainability
Supply Chain Sustainability
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Network Plus has recently joined the ranks of esteemed companies and organisations that are official partners of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

The school, described as “an award-winning industry-wide collaboration,” covers a wide range of topics ranging from waste and carbon to fairness and the Modern Slavery Act and is aimed at anyone working in the construction and infrastructure sectors in the UK.

By upgrading the company’s membership status from Member to Partner, Network Plus employees gain access to a wide range of training and resources designed to support the business’ prowess across the range of available topics. The company also gains complete access to the School’s carbon calculator tool, enabling Network Plus to better measure its Scope 3 emissions, which is an invaluable asset in progressing our contribution to the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Matthew O’Sullivan, Support Services Director at Network Plus said, “We have been engaging with the Supply Chain Sustainability School for some time now, and this decision to become full partners is a really positive step forward for the company. Not only will it give us access to some great tools and resources for the business, including improved carbon reporting and better engagement with our suppliers and subcontractors to allow Scope 3 carbon reporting, it also unlocks a variety of CPD opportunities for relevant teams and individuals in the business.

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair of Supply Chain Sustainability School said: “We are delighted to welcome Network Plus as a Partner to the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The sector is facing major challenges in the drive to “build back better” and the School is an enabler of the transformative change needed through the collaboration of Network Plus alongside our other Partners. As a Partner, Network Plus are committed to building sustainability skills and knowledge across the industry, helping to safeguard the future of our built environment and ensure that it is fairer, greener, and more robust. We look forward to collaborating and working with Network Plus moving forward”.

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