Northern Gas Networks Contract Award
Northern Gas Networks
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We are delighted to have been awarded a vital infrastructure contract by Northern Gas Networks. The project is the intermediate pressure HDPE reinforcement scheme between Melkinthorpe and Penrith in Cumbria.

Our works will include the design of a new District Govenor and installation of new PE medium pressure gas mains. The main will be laid in challenging conditions across varied terrain, including highways such as the A66, country routes and river crossings such as the river Lowther and River Earmont.

As part of our social value agenda we always aim to minimise our impact on the local communities and environments in which we work. For this project we aim to use no-dig techniques to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. We will use the latest technology and equipment as we take our responsibility very seriously. We will maximise no dig technologies such as directional drilling.

The reinforcement scheme will benefit customers in Cumbria to ensure safe continuity of gas supplies.