Network Plus Leads on Innovation
Network Plus Leads on Innovation
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Network Plus works collaboratively with its clients to introduce the latest innovations and new services from its local supply chain. This week saw the team host a visit for United Utilities Design Manager, Joanna Power and fellow engineers at one of our Capital Project sites in Cheadle, near Manchester. Led by Vanessa Brookfield, Project Manager at Network Plus, we shared the use of Sandwich Valves with Through Bore Hydrants. We showed the standard United Utilities arrangement for hydrants alongside the new arrangement. Our supplier demonstrated how the innovative set-up would look above ground and shared how Sandwich Valves fit into a variety of chambers.  The benefits of the new arrangement are that hydrants do not need to be buried, they can sit within the chamber and are easier to operate through a slider plate.
Using the vast experience of the team, Network Plus also introduced United Utilities to a local supplier of recycled plastic chambers.  A demonstration of the poly sectional chambers was given. These innovative chambers reduce carbon emissions and carbon footprint.  They also have added benefits by reducing the impact on manual handling risks due to their reduced weight. Transportation costs and associated carbon are reduced as a result.
It was a fantastic demonstration of the latest innovations. Focusing on the future of our industry is crucial to our long-term success. Joanna Power from United Utilities said “Thanks so much for the organisation of the Through Bore Hydrant demonstration today. Everyone did an excellent job and we are grateful for them putting it together and answering the questions United Utilities put forward. It’s been much appreciated.”